Google leads cloud storage race to zero – Business Insider

More and more Business Insider bores me with its relentless rah rah. But every now and then its journalists come up with a good point, such as the one below. But it’s dismaying, still, that the most the author (the regular Julie Bort) can write is that it’s a dangerous game. Uhm. It’s actually a game foretold, that the biggest companies will win and establish effective monopolies, unless the cloud as a set of services hosted in meshed systems comes into being soon. It’s possible. And maybe even desirable, especially if we refrain from characterising the notion of a populist cloud as having anything to do with Libertarian political fantasy (it doesn’t). But for the relative short term, the model I’d look to is what the Saudi regime is doing to oil prices–and why.

It’s a dangerous game for the tech industry because it means that only the biggest companies with the deepest pockets and the healthiest businesses will be able to make it in the new cloud world.

via Google leads cloud storage race to zero – Business Insider.

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