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Name calling

From Michael Geist’s blog entry:

As debate on Bill C-51 wound down, Press Progress points out that Conservative MP Laurie Hawn took the time to question the values of leading Canadian technology companies such as Shopify and Hootsuite.  The CEOs of those companies, along many others, dared to sign a public letter calling on the government to go back to the drawing board on the bill. The letter highlights concerns with website takedowns, new CSIS powers, and data security issues.

via House of Commons Passes Bill C-51 as Conservative MP Questions Values of Canadian Tech Companies – Michael Geist.

Social Media + Society : New Journal

It’s open access and the articles are interesting, though I tend to think they don’t seem to recognise both how slow the currents can run and also how very fast and violently the waves can break. (What’s true today, a holdover from yesterday, may no longer be possible tomorrow, though we still use the present’s palimpsest to give us the world.)

Table of Contents — April-June 2015.


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Authoring e-Books in Apache OpenOffice: An Interview with Jon Swords-Holdsworth : Apache OpenOffice

The interview is fascinating, and mostly because of the author’s take on that interesting genre, “slipstream,” which I’ve usually just called “the uncanny.” Incidentally—and this is a note to Charles Stross, who complains to no end about having to use Word—the author, Jonathan Swords-Holdsworth, uses Apache OpenOffice. Much less exasperating than in-your-face Word.


Authoring e-Books in Apache OpenOffice: An Interview with Jon Swords-Holdsworth : Apache OpenOffice.

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