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CMO’s To Increase Spending On Social Media But Integration Still Lacking

CMO’s To Increase Spending On Social Media But Integration Still Lacking.

This does raise the interesting point. How relevant to a campaign is social media, especially social networking? To me, who is both skeptical of and consumed by online social networks, and who has accounts in all the best places (sigh…), to see ads, marketing pitches, etc. in my favorite spaces is simply unwelcome. But those are personal spaces. Suppose we look at something like TirpAdvisor, or any other travel network; even the eBay ones, or, to extend, any of the consumer networks. There, it matters hardly at all, I think, if the network is sponsored by or enabled by a company or group, provided that we, the members, are permitted to post relevant items without censure and to engage in topical discourse without the sense that what we do is purely in the service of the company.

In that case, it makes sense to have a program and campaign. But then, implementing it so that it can be done and done without throwing large amounts of money into a seemingly bottomless pit–only to give up after a short while in disgust….. And it also helps, as with any campaign, to have specific goals and specific boundaries. Otherwise, what counts as “relevant’ and “on topic” and permissible, is nearly impossible to articulate, let alone maintain, and soon enough, the whole point of the effort, to engage a consumer community, is lost.

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