Is noon AM or PM

Is noon AM or PM.

Confession: I grew up some years in between the US and Mexico in Australia having to a) learn Strine b) how many gils there are in a pint (and what a gill is); c) rods to a; d) furlongs in a; e) chains; f) hundredweight (and it’s distinction among the various colonies or former); g) stone; h) the usual gallons, quarts, pints and cups, feet, inches, yards, and so on. That’s not counting surface area metrics, like acreage. And this raises the really interesting point. An acre is fixed, an hectare is not. And when teaching calculus, which would you rather use to make the argument, if any, for describing calculus’ utility in everyday life?

Oh, I also learned all about 12 noon being 12M and midnight being 12MN, but that had more to do with the bully outside the library door than being in Australia.

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