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I am fairly engaged in open standards activity as well as community, so this post struck me as relevant and interesting.

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Open Source Law Releases Report On Open Standards

Update: UK Open source principles released

I have been doing a bit of work for a variety of people recently relating to standards and standards setting.  In early May I saw that the UK open standards consultation process had been extended because of a potential conflict of interest by one of the facilitators.  Linux Australia commissioned a report from me about Open Standards.  That report (link below) was completed last week and, I understand,  Linux Australia has used it as a basis for a submission to the UK Open Standards Consultation process.  The report covers a variety of issues relating to open standards.  Some of the issues it covers are:

  • the difference between open formats and open standards.  I think if government focusses on open “standards”, then that’s a big problem.  In practice it would resolve to “open standards or anything…

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After Violence, India Cracks Down on Web and Texts –

After Violence, India Cracks Down on Web and Texts –

More needs to be written on this–it’s a tremendously interesting problematic, and though India is probably the most visible and arguably most important exemplar, it’s not the only. “This” is not just about the existence of new social media but its use; and the devices that are used. And the failure to understand, let alone engage in it as a politician…. well, look to the rise of newspapers or even samizdat press.

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