:: GRTC – Mission 2015 – 2015 and Beyond ::

:: GRTC – Mission 2015 – 2015 and Beyond ::.

Greater Richmond’s transit plans are a joke–I mean they make one laugh at the planners who have done this work, and less directly, at the fool taxpayers who probably righteously feel that any of their precious money that has been ripped from their cold hands under the pretence of legal taxation should never to go actual social services that actually knit together the community of which they only want to be the elite members, certainly not–never–the body that makes up the politic. Welcome to libertarian America, which daily proves the Maggie assertion that there is no society. Thus, to travel by car (perish bikes) from one shopping centre to another, I learned, means to go on decent roads (provided it’s not snowing) that are by and large not lit (social waste of money, esp. as cars have headlights, don’t they?) and where the entire set up lives out Neal Stephenson’s brilliantly acidic satire of the US republic in Snow Crash: no communities but franchise ‘burb claves. The logical evolution of the identity community in a libertarian environment, where the first thing to go is the commons that actually bring us together so that we may actually do something about the problems that beset us all.


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