Open Access Week (but with a twist)

York University Libraries » Death of Evidence.



For Open Access Week, join us in mourning the passing of evidence-based decision making in Canada.  From the cancelling of the long form census, to the cuts at Library and Archives Canada, to the muzzling of Canadian government scientists, it’s been a tough few years for evidence in Canada. Our beloved friend has finally given up the ghost.

Canada’s Tory PM has come under a lot of criticism lately, from around the world, even including an editorial in The New York _Times_, for suppressing and otherwise obscuring research contrary to Tory energy policy. That policy is most visible in the case of the tar sands and the transportation of the toxic tarry sludge, esp. via pipeline. Alberta is far, far from any coast. For me, the problem is that it seems that the PM wants Canada to be seen for its oil and other mined or felled resources; as a petronation with some trees and minerals, too. And less for the value of its labour or intellectual work.

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