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Tendenci by tendenci

Tendenci by tendenci.


About Tendenci CMS

Tendenci is a content management system (CMS) specifically designed for nonprofit and community organizations with the features associations require including online donation management, membership management, event registrations, and communications tools for movement building built into the Core of the software.

From the Start, Signs of Trouble at Health Portal –

From the Start, Signs of Trouble at Health Portal –


One thing that’s interesting–oh, many things are, about this–is that the hostile political climate in the US seemingly made accountability difficult and established “best practices” something to ignore or bypass.

What’s more, the code itself seems at best obscure. Is the actual code being used by the user at all expandable? Is it open source? Does it use open standards? And so on. And would it work, say, with other national models and programs?

El Universal – DF – DF: 70% de reos, por robo de mercancías

via El Universal – DF – DF: 70% de reos, por robo de mercancías.

This is a really interesting article. El U is famed for being a, well, trashy version of a newspaper, kind of like The Sun but with a distinctive Mexican twist. (I grew up with some of this….) So it’s not uncommon to find an article touting the importance of sunscreen and illustrated by a gallery of bikini-clad big-breasted women. Sigh. (And it very much participates in the general campaign to distract attention from the collapse of large sections of society in Mex.)

But it also does real journalism. Like this article, which points out that, in Mexico City, the capital, of the 41K prisoners 70% are incarcerated for minor robbery, often for food, clothes and other personal articles. And it seems that the principal store robbed is WalMart, an unfortunate choice: WalMart prosecutes even the most minor thefts to prison, without pardon, according to internal policy.

Is this a useful or constructive policy? I doubt it.

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