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As part of regular due diligence I routinely check out the various cloud storage services offered to SMBs, my primary clients. (I consult on community strategy and management.) Backblaze was appealing but not really for me: perhaps for a less thrifty company. Nevertheless, I signed up for the free trial and then did  the usual, forgot about it. 

Today, I opened an unintentionally funny reminder from them. Subject line:

Your data will be deleted!…share your thoughts!

People, be real.

Your “data will be deleted” is, like, bad. 

“Share your thoughts,” is usually thought of as, well, good. I share my thoughts because I feel good about the world and me.

So. What would Backblaze want me to share, then? I mean, about my data being deleted.

Besides this.

I offer to the the sole reader who’s reading this the opportunity to join in a contest. 

Rules: Your data–your Web presence, you in electrons–are going to be deleted.

So, Share Your Thoughts! with Backblaze. Do it for the sake of humanity. 

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  1. Louis Suárez-Potts on

    No need to organize! just get it going. The absurdities of the language used by the crop of marketing drones is well, in need of some reality checking.

    Sharing is what you do with those in your community, yes, but also as a gesture of human kindness, as in, “Kindness of strangers,” and that other well-known forgotten, “hospitality”: mi casa es tu casa.

    But sharing and for that matter friendship as used by some organization simply switches the term “market” with “share” and “consumer” with “friend.”

    This is Orwellian.


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