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In Looper, the younger must kill the older from the future to prevent science fiction hell, a loop.

In Charles Yu’s “How to live safely in a science fictional universe,” a novel whose charm clothes an abyss of poignancy that’s so much more about his father and the legacy Charles lives out, through, and all over again, the protagonist (the author’s alter ego) must kill his future self to prevent science fiction hell, a loop.

The loop ensues, anyway.

So, a fast search showed no recognition of prior art. Yu’s novel is wonderful. It is almost too much so but it lightens its touch with a knowing absurdity. Lev Grossman in his review (helpfully provided by Amazon.com), nods to Calvino and Lem. But that’s a little misleading, as Grossman also recognizes the actual originality of Yu.

I should hope that Looper the film, which promises to be the best thing shown on a longhaul plane trip, will choose to recognize the more engaging art and adventure Yu’s novel gives so generously.

BTW my favourite looper science fiction (it’s a not-insignificant genre) is actually from Delany, but then nearly all of his work relates to the narratives of identity passed down to us that end up being our own, like it or not.

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