Tales of a First-Time Community Manager — Red Hat Open Source Community

To my surprise, I had missed this fine series by Dave Neary, among others. I suppose I’d add more of an historical context to the evolving role of an open source community manager—and a somewhat pessimistic desire that the name be changed to distinguish what we do and what, say, a social media community manager does. Huge differences and lots of confusion. And that’s not even taking into account the “community manager” who is in charge of organising events for seniors living in gated communities. Sigh.


In August 2015, George Zhao of Huawei, formerly the OpenDaylight release manager, was assigned to be OpenDaylight community manager full time, a role that I had been filling on a part-time basis since October 2014. To help him ramp up as a first-time community manager, I agreed to mentor George. In the course of working together, I have had the opportunity to structure some of the things I have learned in my career, and pass them on to him.This series of articles, resulting from my conversations with George, is a collection of personal thoughts and analysis on community management, which I hope will be useful to others.(Check out Part 1 in this series.)

Source: Tales of a First-Time Community Manager — Red Hat Open Source Community

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