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OS X El Capitan: Working & Not Working Apps | MacRumors Forums

OS X El Capitan: Working & Not Working Apps | MacRumors Forums.


I’ve been using the dev versions of OS X for over a year now, and El Capitan is offering more whiplash than Yosemite ever did. Stalwart apps, like Adium, JustNotes (uses SimpleNote) and even, on occasion, Chrome dev, crash after short periods of use or even, in the case of Adium, nearly immediately. The precise cause varies, but I think the crashes relate to security provisions introduced by El Capitan. The list compiled here, at MacRumors (a great site), is useful. Does this long list give me pause? Nah. The opposite. It’s actually immensely, uhm, enjoyable to go through the code (that I can) and try to trace the issues. As well, it’s useful to think of El Capitan as a kind of platform for apps—you know, what we used to call programs. (And the genealogy of the term, “app,” is itself of interest, and what it says about the user’s ability to intervene ….)

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