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Curious about where to get free and open source software? Try FossHub. It’s a good site, a fine project, and does what SourceForge and other forges have long done, only in a slightly different way. FossHub recognises that sometimes we just want commodities, not communities. But that sometimes, too, we also want something more than the isolated commodity. We also want the community, and to be part of the group making—and sustaining—the product we like.


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    Thank you for the awesome feedback! As an additional comment I would like to add that FossHub team is not happy with the current direction of “free” software.There’s a lot of fuss about FOSS but more and more projects are bundling. To be specific, we noticed a trend among “Open Source” projects which is in our opinion, VERY disappointing. We are not very happy with ADS – a lot of them being misleading, deceiving and providing a horrible experience for most users. We are putting a lot of work in detecting and removing them. Keeping the service running smooth and fast is another major challenge for us. There are more things to complain about but life, in general, isn’t fair. Finally, FossHub is a place that we want it different and we are far from reaching our goal, however we are doing our best to improve and it is hard for a free service. We are grateful for such posts, so thank you for the kind words!

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