Android Fragmentation

Android Fragmentation – Business Insider.

There’s a reason why Peter Kelly of UX Productivity, which makes UX Write,* chose to develop the app for iOS and not toss it into Android’s chaotic sea. Another reason is that any enterprise confronted with so many different kinds of “Android” will surely feel more than a little anxious at having to ensure that the employees who bring their own devices are using the same or compatible software and have the same sort of security provisions in place. None of this costly anxiety obtains with iOS. In fact, despite the notorious–even infamous–closed nature of Apple’s OS, the platform ends up being in practice more not less open than Android–for developers, as well as users–however much it can Google its way to the Linux cradle. Having a predictable and stable environment helps all developers, regardless of their IP philosophy, and helps users in choosing what will keep its value even into the next year.

(Note: UX Write today does iOS. It’s native. But because it uses HTML-5 and JavaScript, it’s not limited to OS boundaries–nor to what we normally think of as a “productivity” app.)


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