iilab | Tribulations in Open Collaboration, Part 1

iilab | Tribulations in Open Collaboration, Part 1.


The work being done by iilab.org is impressive and ranges wide. They just came out with a “panic button” that was sponsored by Amnesty International and which is meant to be used by those facing imminent arrest or occlusion to alert supporters, family, and others who often have no clue what has happened.

But the open collaboration project here is of particular interest to me–as are the really interesting links to the various “Open ….” endeavours. Thus:

In the world of Open practices

As when I start any new project, I’ve been researching the best ways to work together openly for Droplet. I’ve used different approaches for different projects, both to try them out and to cater for different audiences and teams. There are some great experiments out there to learn from: from the more business inspired to the more community driven.

Gittip’s founder – also one of the initiators of the (Open Company Initiative](http://www.opencompany.org/about/) – made it a practice to hold partner calls “on air”. There are also some formal methodologies out there to implement an Open Design process like the Open P2P Design Toolkit – “a simple tool for helping people approach design thinking on a metadesign level”. Sounds simple to me! Though it would be nice to see the source for the toolkit on github…. And the Open Design Definition which however probably will focus on the nature of the knowledge shared rather than the processes that enable it.

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