ICT4D 2016: New Priorities for ICT4D Policy, Practice and WSIS in a Post-2015 World

di-wp59 | School of Environment, Education and Development | The University of Manchester.


ICT4D stands for information and communication technology for development. It obviously encompasses a vast swath of work and includes, or can, open source and open standards technology. (Neither of those is necessarily linked to or used by developmental agencies or organizations. But I like to think that they offer tools and the means of making them that lead to sustainable communities.)

The document Richard Heeks has made available is useful as an annotated compendium:

This paper undertakes a comparative analysis of the post-2015 development agenda versus the current content and future direction of ICT4D policy and practice, as exemplified by WSIS+10 documentation.  These latter documents bring together nearly 1,000 pages of text that review the current state of ICT4D ten years after the foundational World Summits on the Information Society; and that seek to set out a vision of WSIS and of ICT4D beyond 2015.


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