Event Description – NTEN

Event Description – NTEN.


Interesting, and I’m curious as to what is meant by “community.” My focus is the participatory community. That can include consumer communities, where the consumers will trade tips, ideas and freely give advice (some of it even accepted gracefully) but it usually means the more difficult and complex productive communities, such as open-source networks, but also cooperatives. These tend to be more complex because the participants have an economically identifiable stake not only in the day-to-day proceedings, as well as the overall strategy (will it survive? and who benefits from the work?) but also in the fabric of licensing and copyright, of ownership. Forming a community among sometime rivals has some resemblance to forming one around a commodity or its plurals, but has more congruence to establishing a modern, horizontal startup. (Needless to say, among my many models I include Steam.)

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