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Transform any text into a patent application – Sam Lavigne

Transform any text into a patent application – Sam Lavigne.

Patent the open source community now!

We all are cursed (or blessed) with patentable ideas. In my case, for each stupendous idea that comes to me–I’m being ironic–there are the less great but more practical ones. But then these, along with the stupendous ones, confront the patenting barrier. It costs a lot of money, yes, but just drafting the idea and putting it into the right form is hardly trivial. (Though that does not mean that trivial ideas are not patented; far from it.)


Canada’s Destination 2020 – Clerk of the Privy Council

Destination 2020 – Clerk of the Privy Council.

Fascinating. Scanning it now, but so far get the impression that the author(s) at the least know their buzzwords. And also how to implement some ostentatious examples of taking the little people seriously, at least as a crowd that’s been sourced, if not as a union that has any collective power. (The difference between a union and a crowd is the difference between coherent action that can be sustained and developed and a single event that may result in a commodity but need not.) I’m hardly opposed to crowdsourcing, but am far more interested in what can translate to sustained community identity and action. But am still reading through (or scanning with dry eyes) the text.

U.S. Dept. of the Navy Open Source Software Guidance

The various US defence departments support open source software use. To what extent? And to what extent do those offices using it contribute to it?

Department of Navy Chief Information Officer – Policy: DON Open Source Software Guidance.

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