Sarcasm Is Needed: As More Fukushima Leaks Are “Discovered”, Japan Vows “Quick Action” | Zero Hedge

As More Fukushima Leaks Are “Discovered”, Japan Vows “Quick Action” | Zero Hedge.

I don’t usually like Zero Hedge but…. I just wish that the sarcasm were actually effective. For neither shame nor ridicule nor worldwide disbelief in Tepco and its seeming buddy, the government, have proved effective in stanching this lethal hemorrhage. At least with Chernobyl, there was something done to contain the catastrophe–but that’s still going on and by no means was the response by the Soviet Union an example of transparency and accountability, let alone honesty. Received wisdom (a k a Wikipedia?) cites the government’s “coverup” to Chernobyl (think Monty Python‘s dead parrot sketch) as a ‘”catalyst”‘ for glasnost, which “paved the way for reforms leading to the Soviet collapse” [Associated Press, 24 April 2006, at; from Wikipedia, Chernobyl Disaster, retrieved 2013-09-02 23:11 -0500).


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