Edwards v. Canada (Attorney General) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Edwards v. Canada (Attorney General) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


“…also known as the Persons Case — is a famous Canadian constitutional case which decided that women were eligible to sit in the Canadian Senate. The case, put forward by the Government of Canada on the lobbying of a group of women known as the Famous Five, began as a reference case in the Supreme Court of Canada, which ruled that women were not “qualified persons” and thus ineligible to sit in the Senate. The case then went to the Judicial Committee of the Imperial Privy Council, at that time the court of last resortfor Canada within the British Empire and Commonwealth. The Judicial Committee overturned the Supreme Court’s decision.”


The Wikipedia article is actually good, and the case is important. So, too, is the 2004 ruling by the SC on gay marriage.


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