Data Centres Big and Small

Colocation Data Centers : A crowd-sourced map of datacentres


The map of datacentres around the world may not include corporate centres. Even so, the number is large and complements the Emersen report of 2011 which listed a mere 509147 datacentres.

My question is: which is more energy efficient? A kind of P2P mesh or a server/client database? Of course, the network of datacentres can writhe themselves into a mesh, but I’m thinking more along the lines of small servers (think smartphones or even below, but also above, like desktops) meshed together to store and then serve data upon command, in conjunction with other like servers. I think that the programming for this has to a degree been done now by BitTorrent (BT Sync).

Not all things local, small and held by the hands of the crowd (or bazaar) are more efficient than the cathedral of cathedrals, the datacentre. But some things may very well be, and for those things, perhaps the datacentre is not that slag of iron steaming in the arctic but held in common. And again, this is a question.

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