Freeform Dynamics: “Raising your game with Software as a Service: A guide for Small and Medium Businesses”

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Title: Raising your game with Software as a Service

A guide for Small and Medium Businesses

First published: June 2013

By Dale Vile

I wonder how others view this report. I should make a disclaimer. I don’t see things in absolutes and do see a layered future, where a significant portion uses the Web in ways quite different from consumers or students. And I don’t see any current “stage” (desktop, cloud, or any other platform) exclusive of any other; or at least, I’d hope it would not be.

Since we are still moving to the notion of thinking of information as something other than factoids and mostly haven’t found communal information as a medium of creation and production, it doesn’t surprise me that, at least for now, the same old persists.

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