Social mobility … and open source

Social mobility: the charts that shame Britain | News |


The longer reports from the OECD are worth going over. And this is not exactly news. But my question is, Among the countries examined, from what demographic groups are those working on open source projects coming, and How are they working on the project? Eg, as employees for an involved company, as students, entrepreneurs, retirees, etc.? Rishab Ghosh, and others have worked on this, but the empirical work done was conducted about ten years ago if not more; and since then, a lot has changed, not least of which is the advent of the app market for smartphones; and then there is the cloud.

But committing oneself to open source development, even if it is on a part-time basis, is for many outside of rich countries quite risky and a sidestep away from the corporate or government path (and possibly even a damaging one).

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