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UX Write – Live Demo

UX Write – Live Demo.

UX Write has a demo: an interactive one so that you can try the app directly. The demo, unlike the app itself, will likely suffer from latency issues. The app is native; the demo is not. But you ought to be able to get a feel for the matter.

Why is UX Write important here? For starters, the approach, technology and ease of use differentiate it and point to very interesting future. But it’s also here now, as an editor on the iPad, and can work quite well–very well–with MS Office files. OO can read those, of course, so there is little problem; and ODF support is being worked on.

I am not being paid for my endorsement. I have gotten to know Peter Kelly, the lead developer through my interest in UX Write and my commitment to getting a usable and superior application on the most popular tablet–the iPad–now. Big companies are reluctant to do this. Disruption is needed. And UX Write is radically disruptive.

Try it, let me (or Peter) know, and then–

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