I tend too to avoid Valley writing, as I’m always skeptical that it is not just self-congratulatory marketing. But….

Martin Pasquier

I’ve long refused reading the books of the top minds of the Valley, probably from fear I could be convinced and would have to change my “fixed mindset” as I recently discover my brain was working. Hopefully, I’m not yet 30 and YES, I did read one of these books and YES, it’s a game-changer for me at least.

Chris Anderson’s “Maker : the new industrial revolution” is a brilliant book, one of the kind you can’t close without DOING something. And it really matches with all my current thoughts on a community-based world (may sound familiar for US readers, it’s a new world for Europe at least, and what I experience in Asia confirms it’s a US exception). By the way, this post and a few other to come will go into a new category (after “Playing with Data” and “Going social in Asia”), say hi to “The…

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