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Tiki 8.1 Now Available, End-of-Life for Tiki 7.x | CMS Critic

Tiki 8.1 Now Available, End-of-Life for Tiki 7.x | CMS Critic.


Tiki 8.1 now includes “Integration with WebODF to support Open Document Format (ODF) in Tiki Docs.”

This is very good news. Wikis are becoming privileged collaborative domains among many enterprises and smaller businesses, and evidently there has been a call for ODF support.

What we need now–!!–is a set of mobile applications that can manipulate ODF. This is not saying, “We need OOo on a tablet.” Egad. Why retrogress? No. It is saying we need tools by which we can manipulate–edit, write, save as–ODF files. The features making up such a tool need not be super complete. Good gracious: we hardly as a group use the ones that come with our suites. The tools need only be sufficient. If someone wants to do more, they can wait a couple of years for Moore’s law to catch up or simply port a MacBook Air with them–or lesser device 🙂


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